Blue Orchird $18 

Our Classic Manicure

Nails trimmed, Cuticle removed, Shaped & Buffed, Light Massage, Polish

Blue Orchird/ Gel $30 
Princess Manicure $12 

For your little Princess

Nails trimmed, Shaped & buffed, Light massage Polish & Nail Art

Upgrades & Add On

Gel Color Change Hands $20 
Gel Color Change Feet $20 
Polish Color Change Hands $10 
Polish Color Change Feet $12 
Hard Gel/ Acrylic Removal $10 
Hard Gel/ Acrylic Removal/ w Polish $18 
Paraffin Hands $10 
Paraffin Feet $12 
French $5 
Nail Repair $5 per nail
Nail Art $5 per nail


Regular Pedicure $30 

Your feet are soaked in fresh lime and orange sanitized water. Nails Clipped Cuticle removed. Feet lightly buffed. Hot towel. Polish

Combo Mani-Pedi $45 
Spa Pedicure $40 

Warm foot soak with seasonal organic fruit

Exfoliation with our custom sea salts scrub, Callus removed 

Nails trimmed, Cuticle removed then wrap your leg in a hot towel, Foot massage, and polish.

Deluxe Spa Pedicure $45 

Spa Pedicure begins with a warm foot bath with organic seasonal fruit, followed by a treatment enriched with sugar scrubs, an exfoliation process to remove dry and dead skin, Cooling masque, Callus Remover. Hot stone massage.

Moisturizing then wrap your leg in a hot towel, and Polish.

Blue Orchid Pedicure $55 

Our signature pedicure begins with a warm foot soak livened with seasonal organic fruit. Our Blue Orchid Pedicure  custom sea salts scrub moisturizes and exfoliate with our blend Of Lavender. Orange or Mint, to naturally help calm, soothe and moisturize the skin with vital nutrition. It instantly absorbs to the skin with no oily feeling. Formulated with time release emollient that moisturizes the skin. Hot stone massage. Paraffin Dip. Then we wrap your leg in a hot towel to complete the Service

(Callus remover included)

Princess Pedicure $18 

Have your little one feel like royalty.

(12 yrs & under)

Nails Pedicure. Feet lightly exfoliated. Moisturize. Polish & Nail Art

Combo Mani-Pedi. $28 

Get our regular pedicure 

Monday: Tuesday and Wednesday

*Prices and treatments are subject to change at the discretion of management

Acrylic Nails

Full Set Regular $35 & up
Fill $25 & up
Full Set French $40 & up
Full Set with Gel $45 & up
Fill with Gel $40 & up
Full Set Shape & Long $55 & up

Pink & White Nails

Full Set $55 & up
Fill-ins $45 

Ombre Nails

Full Set $55 & up
Fill-ins $40 & up


European $65 & up
Mini Facial $35 & up


Eyebrows $12 & up
Lips $8 
Chin $15 & up
Sideburn $15 & up
Under Arm $20 & up
Full Arm $35 & up
Half Arm $25 & up
Face $45 & up
Chest $35 & up
Full Leg $55 & up
Half Leg $30 & up
Bikini $35 & up
Brazilian $55 & up

Eyelashes Extension

First Time Client $30 Off
Classic $120 & up
Refill $75 
Volume $180 & up


Women Cut $45 & Up
Men Cut $25 
Girl Boy under 10 cut $15 
Bang Trim $15 
Women All-color $65 
Women Color Touch Up $65 
Women Highlights $75 
Perm $65 
Men Color $50 
Shampoo Set $25 
Updo $40 & up
Women Cut and Blow Dry $45